Wicker Wheel Chair – Daylillies singing to it

Submitted by debretroeye September 29th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Looks like the daylilies are singing “September” to it. I bought this Victorian Wicker Wheel Chair with a Serpentine Arm in Monroe Wisconsin in the eighties shopping with my friend, Carol. I was in my early thirties going through a divorce. Carol and I had just moved into a coach house adjacent to the Pfister Vogel Mansion in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We lost one of the bolts, when we removed the large wheels to squeeze the chair into a Gremlin station wagon that my folks had lent us for the trip. This chair was just too pretty to pass up. The coach house was quite lovely, but we only lived there a couple years, and I never had a room large enough for it after that. My talented friend Carol went on to restore the Brumdner Mansion making it a nationally known B&B. Now she owns the Mosheim Mansion B&B in Seguin, Texas. I’m running out of storage space and I need to find a good home for this lovely wicker wheel chair.

2 Responses to “Wicker Wheel Chair – Daylillies singing to it”

  1. Allee Willis

    It does totally look like the lilies are being pulled toward the chair by some unforeseen soundwave force. There is definitely a very organic connection between object and nature.

    The homemade quality of the chair absolutely kills me. It’s definitely something I would do, although Wicker has never been my favorite furniture material and I would probably avoid the hard wooden seat. I’m much more the type who would take a big ol’ comfortable overstuffed leather chair and attach that to the wheels. But this is stupendous all the way around.

    I must also say that the little foot platform is also a favorite of mine.

    I like to carry even more knowing the story behind its creation, let alone that it took a ride in a Gremlin station wagon.

  2. harley

    that is a great wheel chair , i just picked up one at a yard sale .havent been able to find much info on it , do you have any leads.