4 Responses to “Royal Haegar Sunfish TV Lamp”

  1. Allee Willis

    This fish lamp is so extreme it’s unbelievable. I thought I’d seen everything like this but every single thing about this is unusual, none more so then that unbelievable metal thing sticking up from the top. Is that a fin? The matching tail is excellent too.

    The detail on the ceramic is so crazy with the little flowers and the brown shading on the fish. And I love how the ceramic is on the back of the fish echoing the line of the fin and tail.

    Where does the light come out? Also, how heavy is it? It looks like it could really be a hefty fish.

    I am very jealous of this lamp. It’s really exquisite Atomic design.

  2. haegernerd1

    Love your lamp! I’m a big Royal Haeger collector and live in Madison WI. If you don’t mind me asking if your ever interested in sell ing your fish lamp please let me know. Also I’d love to share pictures of my collection with you if your interested in seeing them. :-) you can reach me at [email protected]