Denny’s Adventures in Allee Willis’ “Willis Wonderland” (Part 45 – August 2010)

Submitted by denny October 8th, 2010
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We all need one of these!

Once again I was so over come with excitement that I forgot to take a picture of the actual item. This set of directions will give you a pretty good idea of what it looks like. Isn’t this just wonderful?

I love to be tempted.


Just tap it!

3 Responses to “Denny’s Adventures in Allee Willis’ “Willis Wonderland” (Part 45 – August 2010)”

  1. Allee Willis

    First of all, the name Snack Master is so brilliant. I have quite a few of these. I featured one of them in my blog, even demonstrating how it works:

    I’ve never used the Griswold Famous Patty molds. That’s because the box weighs a ton and I practically break my hand every time I try and get it off the shelf. All the molds are there though and they’re pretty gorgeous.

    Was the device in photos four and five what came out of the Chop-O-Matic box? Because that’s not what a Chop-O-Matic looks like, at least the one pictured on the box. That was one of the very first if not the first ‚Äúfood processors” and I have a bunch of those two. But if it was in that box the models got mixed up.

    One of my favorite things in the kitchen is poking into the frame of the last photo, the little egg cups in the right-hand bottom corner.

  2. denny

    Picture 4 & 5 are good. This one side of the box was in better shape than the other side.

    “The Food Chopper” I never removed from the box.

    “The Griswold Patty Molds” really do kill me (the box attracted me at first) and I am hoping you do have me back as there are many items I want to take out of their packaging and photograph and this is one of them.