5 Responses to “Flashback to the early 1970’s”

  1. Allee Willis

    $12 as in twelve dollars??? For the whole set?! WOW! Fabulous set and that upholstry looks origina too. What else did they have for sale? At that price their whole house was probably only $500.

    • MyFunCloset

      The cushions are vinyl, thus bright colors. Seems the set has been stored in the garage taking up space for years and they probably would have taken ANY offer. This had AWMOK just sitting there.

  2. Nessa

    I actually have several pieces of this exact furniture that I picked up at an estate sale this summer! I have a rocker, a foot stool, and the round-back “bouncy” sort of chair you can see in the photo. They had a glider, too but it wouldn’t fit in the truck. The print on mine is a little different, but they are really comfortable! These are missing the little sleeves that go over the arms. I paid a little more than $12, though they weren’t very expensive… I am kind of sad that summer is over because I can’t sit and read in them anymore until next year!