Toilet Paper Carrier/Holder From The 40’s

Submitted by denny October 12th, 2010
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I found this today at the flea market I was at. It was made in New Jersey and is a toilet paper holder from the 40’s with a carrying cord. I guess the toilet paper back then were smaller roles and people had smaller asses, who knows, it only cost me $3.00.

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  1. denny

    I guess you will be carrying it around as a purse, it currently sits in a box titled “Allee”. All I ask is that if you do decide to use it as a purse at any point, please take a picture for me.

    • Allee Willis

      Yippee! And no problem taking a photo with it.

      Will be opening the box that arrived last week within 48 hours. Still unpacking from my trip but that gives me the impetus to move faster!

  2. denny

    I know your busy and it’s nice to see you back and slowly getting into the swing of things again.

    So many good purchases recently, all of which are listed here.

  3. Lisa Rios

    Sorry to burst ones bubble here. That’s a 1940’s Bakelite yarn holder. Very desirable amongst knitters! I’d have sh*t a brick to have found that for only $3. It would normally fetch $25 – $50. You put your yarn inside, there are vents on the side so the yarn doesn’t sweat in the bakelite. You pull the end of the yarn up through the top hole and start to knit. The ball can not roll away while you’re sitting and knitting. You can hang it over your arm if you want to knit while you’re waiting in line.

    This may not be the exact one, but you’ll get the idea:

    I’m officially jealous. There should be a section or a button for that on this site.

    • Allee Willis

      Well, this is most useful information! I feel much better knowing that whoever was pulling the top off of this was reaching for yarn and not toilet paper. And I love the idea of there being a “jealous” button. I’m looking into it as we speak. This interface was built in WordPress and you can only defeat the interface so much. But I’m going to give it the old college try.

  4. denny

    Lisa – thank you so much! Well the lady I bought it from had no clue then as her handwritten sticker is still on the side of it, identifying it as a vintage toilet paper holder! I donated this to the archives at “Willis Wonderland”.

    Yes, there were many times I wish I had a “jealous” button to hit!

  5. shirlie williams

    I want one of those buttons to press..then Im going straight to the Jayne Mansfield hot water bottle ,which is what brought me here in the first place ..also Denny’s Pixie jars …drool…