Skippy’s “Alleged” KEEP ME OIL

Submitted by LauraDG October 14th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I got this handy little glass bottle of Skippy’s “Alleged” KEEP ME OIL in the voodoo aisle at the legendary A. Schwab’s dry goods store on Beale Street in Memphis, back in the ’80s. The price tag on the back says $1.50. I’ve never opened it, but it seems good as new and ready for any urgent usage. Who knows what this potion can do?…and at 1/2 oz., it’s compact enough for any purse or pocket. It’s from Skippy’s Candle Corp., identified on the front of the the bottle as Detroit/Los Angeles, so Skippy got around!

3 Responses to “Skippy’s “Alleged” KEEP ME OIL”

  1. Allee Willis

    As someone who thinks that Detroit and Los Angeles are the two best places on earth to be from on the planet I have to think that Skippy’s “Alleged” KEEP ME OIL had some affect on someone somewhere. The photo’s a little blurry but I’m still happy to see this bottle here. Maybe the voodoo took effect.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    ah, i want to see this in person! i can’t find a single reference to skippy’s alleged keep me oil on the web – this must be rare!

  3. LauraDG

    I’ll try and remember to bring it tomorrow! It is pretty special. I think I got it the first ever time I went to Memphis, in 1988, when I was driving cross country to move to LA