Bacon wrapped egg burritooo

Submitted by snappyp October 15th, 2010
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

I found this delicious item somewhere on the internet and I feel badly that I am not crediting the cook or the photographer. Be that as it may, this to me is the ultimate in breakfast unless that bacon is turkey bacon and then I would be somewhat disappointed. It looks officially pork to me.

7 Responses to “Bacon wrapped egg burritooo”

  1. MyFunCloset

    It looks like the strips were woven raw, perhaps baked and not fried, and while still flexible, scrambed eggs were put on top and then rolled. Yummmmmmy! Looks like 10 strips of bacon and 2 eggs.

  2. denny

    Geezus Allee, 2 seconds! I am laughing out loud right now.

    BUT, this burrito just sent shivers down my spine. I’m a huge fan of bacon and this post was fabulous!

  3. snappyp

    I signed up for a cooking class in woven bacon. Next is the bacon bread basket to flavor up the toast to accompany this bacon wrapped egg. As a friend of mine always says: deet bacon deet.