6 Responses to “Sassy Doll”

  1. Allee Willis

    I remember seeing these dolls. So bizarre. I always think about what kind of crazy person came up with the idea. Can you push her mouth so she’s also nice? Though how nice is nice…?

  2. MyFunCloset

    She looks more like the anti-Cabbage Patch Doll that never got picked from the field. Perhaps “Chuckie” or Howdy Doody were her cousins. Cute? …more like scary.

  3. oscar

    When you squeeze her little body her bird-like tongue is supposed to stick out. But it dried out years ago :(
    I bought a big box of these at a flea market and handed them out as dinner-party favors. Wish I’d kept them all !
    Good meeting you and Prudence at Stephanie’s wonderful party! Hope to see you both in Palm Springs some day!!
    Dave C

  4. Douglas Wood

    This is frightening and reminds me of a satanic doll from an old Night Gallery episode. Looks like one arm is noticeably longer than the other and kind of misshapen, giving the doll a sort of inbred “Deliverance” quality.