AWMOK Status After The Spammmm War

Submitted by Allee Willis October 19th, 2010

Soooo, we’re almost there. I don’t know how the spam attack was unleashed but it hit both the Museum here and my Kitsch O’ The Day blog BIG, causing most of my last few days to be consumed with spraying bug spray on emails that told me how great my site was, how shitty it was, seeing if I wanted larger breasts, a bigger penis, learn how to be an oceanographer, seeing if I wanted to hook up with someone in the Philippines and God knows every other message that could ever be delivered in broken English and raced around the web by a spam bot.

Almost everything should be back to normal in the Museum now, including being able to make new submissions. YAY! A day without new kitsch for me is not a day I look forward to. There are still small things off like your icon photos not showing up next to your comments if you leave them on other people’s pages and the login page has lost all its pretty artwork. But almost everything else should be back up to speed. If you notice anything at all, including anything in any notifications you may receive from AWMOK, please let me know at [email protected]. We’re still getting hit by spam but there’s a system in place now and soon the trigger will be pulled.


Allee, Your Curator, Housekeeper, Conductor

2 Responses to “AWMOK Status After The Spammmm War”

  1. denny

    Oh, I see we’ve added “conductor” to our resume’!

    Sooooooo nice to see things are getting back to normal here, welcome back curator, housekeeper, conductor!!

  2. Nessa

    Wow, I’ve missed some stuff! Allee, I still get notifications telling me my submission has been posted, but I can’t seem to get the notifications for comments being received on my posts/replies to comments, do you know how I can turn that back on? I accidentally turned it off eons ago and haven’t been able to locate an option to fix it.