2 Responses to “DARN IT DOLL”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is one I hope made it into the pile that you took home as opposed to just photographed because it’s so kitschy I can’t stand it! I love this doll for so many reasons. First, the sense of rhythm in the writing on the card is so bad. I love that there’s no space between ‘doll’ and ‘you’ in the third line. I love that YELL got capitalized when the capitalization shouldn’t have started until DARN-IT. The dash in darn-it is a nice touch too. The fabric kills me. That massive tuft of black yarn where the doll’s mouth should be – I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a beard, vomit or what – is outstanding as well. Not to mention that the concept of dealing with anger by pulling on a doll until it rips so you can just stitch it back up is so convoluted to begin with. And then the doll is just so DARN cute!

  2. denny

    It didn’t make it home with me but I am sure glad it made you smile. I was standing in line at the Salvy and it was sitting there, unclaimed and I could not resist snapping a pic. DARN-IT, I should have bought it!