4 Responses to “F.O.B. DETROIT….”

  1. Allee Willis

    Both incredibly gorgeous cars.

    Although completely historic and the first of its kind, I never wanted a Thunderbird. So iconic of the 50s but it was a little tooooo iconic for my rebellious tastes. I did almost buy a red and white 59 Corvette though, the colors were reversed from what’s shown here. I chickened out at the last minute as it was so, so, so much more expensive than I had paid for my 1955 De Soto Fireflyte that I still had at the time (and still have). I went with a much rarer 1962 Daimler Dart instead. It looked as much like a rocket ship. But it was a stick shift, which I never really got down, and I spent my life at the side of freeway waiting for tow trucks. So I kept my lust for sports cars at bay and my coin in my pocket.

    It was incredible living in Detroit when both these cars came out. I remember all the hubbub.

  2. LauraDG

    Oh, the green interior on the T-bird is gorgeous. Growing up in NJ, Mrs Gertler across the street had a silver convertible with red leather interior of that model. It’s my earliest memory of being blown away by a car.

  3. windupkitty

    oh, oh no. my heart can’t even take posts like this.i have to go take an aspirin or 20! Wow, thanks for posting these beauties….