Halloween Treat in Portland, Oregon: VooDoo Doughnuts

Submitted by Markydoodle October 31st, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

In Portland Oregon, there is a doughnut place that I visited recently. It was fantastic.

The mouth-watering choices in the revolving doughnut showcase revealed clues to a voyage into a do-do land I’d never been before.

Twice-vexing was the menu board. I defy you to find these choices anywhere else.

And while I waited in line to place my order, the chandelier began to loom above me.

I became disoriented by the crowd, the menu, and the chandelier, and ordered the voodoo doll, and a chocolate coconut cake doughnut.

I ate the cake doughnut on the way back to the hotel. But that voodoo doll…

I was fascinated.

It had a little tiny pretzel stuck in it’s gut. Would it be able to carry on a conversation with me during the evening? If I ate it, would someone somewhere die? I became somewhat bedazzled.

But in the end, I just fell asleep and left it for the maid to discover after I checked out.

Happy Halloween Allee and all of my AWMOK friends!

16 Responses to “Halloween Treat in Portland, Oregon: VooDoo Doughnuts”

  1. Allee Willis

    Happy Halloween, Mark! I love the journey of the little voodoo doll cookie. Is he/she still at the hotel? Such a beautiful beaded spotlight you left he/she under! I never could have resisted the temptation of gobbling it up though. Which brings me to the Voodoo menu. Doughnuts are about my favorite food on earth. I would go nuts in a place like this given how I carry on in more mundane establishments like Winchells and Dunkin’. Though my donuts have never been lucky enough to be taken to a hotel and get to sit on expensive furniture. What a lucky maid.

  2. Mark Milligan

    There are two VooDoo Doughnut stores in Portland.

    Once I saw the VooDoo doll I knew it had to go back with me to the room. I honestly thought I’d eat it for breakfast, but overslept and had to race out in a hurry the next morning to work and had to leave it!

  3. Douglas Wood

    I’m eating ridiculously healthy these days, Mark, but your very well-written, moody narrative almost motivated me to run out and try and find a voodoo donut. But instead, I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through you and Allee.

    I LOVE that chandelier and have never seen anything like it before. The swooning candles are very Dali-esque.

  4. Lisa Rios

    Yes, Voodoo Doughnuts is a big deal to us Oregonians! Very popular shop. Both locations are kitsch filled. My favorite doughnut there is the maple doughnut with bacon on top. Mmmmmmm, bacon.

  5. Planet Joan

    Bacon on top of maple doughnuts?! That is doughnut madness! I have a small bacon themed collection and thought I had heard it all- I bet it’s good.

  6. Mark Milligan

    Joan-I thought I’d caught part of something once on this place but wasn’t sure it was the same doughnut hole!
    Lisa-somehow I knew you were in Oregon, maybe from that Mustang post back when, but wondered if you were familiar with it!
    Mr. Wood-I can’t believe you got through your trip to Britain without falling off the wagon for their splendiferous pastry. Okay just kidding, I have no idea what food is good over there. We should ask Shirley. Anyhoo, thanks for the compliment, it’s great therapy to put together a story board from scratch in the 5 minutes between getting home and starting my routines there.
    Yes that chandelier is a work of genius I think!