IT WAS A FABULOUS DAY AT THE DUMP – taking a look at today’s stash!!

Submitted by denny November 1st, 2010
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I found this at the dump. This is a wood desk that is incredibly made and needs a good refinishing which I love to do anyway. It has 3 perfect draws and all handles are still intact.

Oh hi! Another lovely morning at the “Gift Hut” in the town of Orleans.

I went breathless over this piece! I have this thing for the old tv or record stands! This was one is is “brantastic” in that it holds 45’s on the top and lp’s on the bottom! It’s in perfect shape too!

A small, pink wood stool. I really am fond of the feet on this piece and will leave it the color that it is. I may paint the desk above pink too!

9 Responses to “IT WAS A FABULOUS DAY AT THE DUMP – taking a look at today’s stash!!”

  1. Planet Joan

    Denny! I have two record stands just like yours! I keep LPs on the top AND bottom of mine. Our house is too small to house all of the rod iron shelves and record stands I had aquired over the years, and had to let a few of them go. I still have too many- I just can’t help it!

  2. denny

    PLanet J, we need to get together.

    I got kicked out of the Harwich dump several weeks ago for shopping over an hour. I was asked to leave. Can you imagine, only I would get kicked out of the dump.

    These fabulous goodies came from the Orleans dump and NOT the one I got “kicked” out of …….

  3. denny

    This is hysterical!

    I’m actually allowed back but your only supposed to “shop for free” for a half hour. I would cruise the dump store for OVER an hour, making several trips back and forth to my car.

    It’s been long enough and I am hitting this dump this weekend after I write an essay on Stanley Milgrams study on obedience. Mmmmm priority…….