13 Responses to “Ceramic FROG statue”

  1. denny

    When I first found this it reminded me of Snappy-P. I love it because my nick-name (one of them anyway) is “froggie”.

    This is from one of the dumps I go to.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Denny you’ve scored again. Good one!
    Reminds me of something Nessa would’ve posted. Where is Nessa, I haven’t seen anything from her for a long time!

    • Mark Milligan

      Denny I was in several thrift stores in Palm Springs last week. They were all mob scenes, people all over the place, both buying, and taking things in. Did you ever spend time out there?

      Allee did you ever go thrifting in PS?

      • Allee Willis

        I’ve done a lot of thrifting in Palm Springs as well as in Desert Hot Springs, though I never went to Angel View, Monica’s place, which I shall make a pilgrimage to just to pay my respects if not to make a few crucial purchases. I actually know the thrift shops in Desert Hot Springs better as well as a couple just off the main drag in Palm Springs but I probably should get a list of them from you. I take a drive down there at least once every six months.

    • Nessa

      Ha! Thanks for missing me. :) You are right, I really like this and totally would have bought this if I had seen it. My mom collects frogs so I definitely would have picked it up.

      I’ve been gone lately, I ended up getting roped into working a show on top of my usual job, so that took a good three weeks of my time to build stuff for that, then I had two conventions and a few out of town trips, and now I am back and hopefully I can relax, because September and October were insane!

  3. denny

    Oh god yes! Perez Road was my favorite place to go. There was this one thrift/antique place that would make me nuts. It was at the end of a row of stores off Perez Road.

  4. Mark Milligan

    I went into Revivals and Angel View last week. The Angel view over off of hwy 111 in Cathedral City had some really cool 60’s furniture, and in general a lot of good stuff but I was so rushed that day I need to go back.
    Revivals is actually not so much a place to find kitsch as used furniture and electronics, I bought a TV there for $35 that works great. But what I like best about it is that it’s part of the Desert Aids Project, and people are taking things in daily that make it very interesting. My PS neighbors tell me they took a sofa in, went in the next week, it had been sold, and then in 6 months, it was there again.

    I’m not sure where Perez Road is, but I’ll snoop around Denny to see if I can find that area next time I’m there!