3 Responses to “Something fishy!”

  1. Allee Willis

    This thing is insanely kitschingly great! There’s SO much going on. As you point out, the two recesses for plants, already far in excess of most fish vases I’ve seen. Wait, where’s the second recess? Is it right behind the fin or whatever that thing is poking out of the top of the fish’s head? And rarely do you see a ceramic fish depicted with both a pupil and some eye white, let alone that little accent line they put on the pupil. And the coloring is wild. The massive girth of the fish, 18 1/2 inches tall, is a statement of its grandeur!

  2. deecee

    I am honoured to accept my certificate. I am in such good company! Allee, you are absolutely right, the second recess is above the head, the two are joined. I think it is incredibly well made, Slip casting a piece like this is quite a complicated process, and as you rightly say, the decoration is wonderful. The seller described it as hideous, I disagree :)