Ubangi Bar Set

Submitted by denny November 5th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This is an auction item at “Liberty Thrift Shop” in Collegeville, PA. They have a small section of items they put up for auction and they run for one week. Anyway, I made myself the highest bidder on this set. The first bid was $10.00 and my bid is $35.00.

13 Responses to “Ubangi Bar Set”

  1. Allee Willis

    Did you get the set? Really excellent that all her parts are there.

    That photo on the box is gorgeous.

    I actually have this Ubangi though never had the box and I also have never seen that little drum bucket the tools are sitting in. She broke in the 1994 earthquake but hangs in one of the palm trees in my yard. If you photographed any of the junk hanging in the palm tree by the green fiberglas table and chairs you probably have a photo of mine.

  2. denny

    Well, it’s funny you posted this post today. My parents called to tell me I had won the “silent auction” for this set and that they purchased this for my birthday. My parents really do “get me”. How fab is that? Will be photographed for awmok.com in more detail when this arrives here at my house.

  3. denny

    Thanks Wind Up!

    The Pigmy made me a very tasty cake and I need more. Pigmy’s culinary talents are the most amazing I have ever seen AND tasted!

  4. denny

    What kills me in Pigmy’s film “Pie Day” was the one line when Feathers asks Pigmy “are ya gonna cook a pie”? That just kills me. I think Pigmy and Feathers make a dynamic team. Whiska is starting to grow on me, he’s kinda cranky.

    • windupkitty

      i know.i love the way pigmy, feathers and whiska talk to each other….i just found pigmy on tumblr…i’m pretty out of it! i LOVE all his pictures….seriously, i’d wear t-shirts of all of his escapades! i LOVE whiska….maybe that’s cause i’m also grouchy :D or maybe it’s just that some of the people i’ve loved most in my life have been grouchy (in the most utterly charming ways of course)….pigmy’s vids slay me and his voice completely freaks out my cats!

      • Allee Willis

        We’re about to start making and selling Pigmy t-shirts! Pigmy and Feathers are going thrift shopping today to look for old vintage shirts that they’re going to customize with iron ons. They’ve discussed putting Whiska in the armpits. They’re going to be experimenting with this over the next couple days and will keep you all posted. T-shirty deet deet deet!