9 Responses to “Ceramic pig S&P shaker”

  1. Allee Willis

    So adorable! I don’t mind that there’s just one of him. I’d throw some paprika in there so he’s not always aware that he’s missing his mate.

    Eyelashes on ceramic animals are always a plus.

  2. denny

    Seriously Nessa, I would kill for the creamer! I love this little pig. I’m hoping to come across the mate one day!

    By the way, we missed you here!

    • Nessa

      Thanks Denny, I’m glad to be back. :) I have three of them so I wouldn’t mind parting with one (that is if I can find them, because I packed them in a box… hehe)

  3. denny

    Are you kidding! I would love that. Let me know how much this is going to cost you to ship, that is if you decide and locate this little pig.

    Thanks Nessa!