Amazing ceramic spaghetti poodle playing a clarinet

Submitted by denny November 13th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I found this fabulous spaghetti poodle at a Salvation Army that I don’t visit often because the store smells like someone took a big pooper somewhere in the corner of the store, it’s terrible. So whenever I go in there, I have to shop quickly. I found this in the display case and it cost me a whole $3.99. He now sits up on my 1950’s shadow box.

Love the detail here.

9 Responses to “Amazing ceramic spaghetti poodle playing a clarinet”

  1. Allee Willis

    EXCELLENT photo documenting going on here!

    Thrift shops that smell aren’t much fun. It makes everything for sale feel like real junk. But if there’s no money for cleaning supplies or staff that usually means the stuff is extra cheap. Which was the case for this fantastically excellent trumpet tooting poodle. Spaghetti usually bumps the price of ceramic animals up a few pegs so in this case the nose pinching smell was well worth it.

    I love how the trumpet doesn’t even reach his mouth. It’s like he’s blowing into a bottle.

  2. Nessa

    Denny this is fantastic! Poodles playing instruments are favorites amongst collectors. This one looks pretty unusual to me, so I would say you got a pretty good deal, despite the gross odor.

  3. denny

    Shirlie, ALWAYS keep your eyes peeled for these. Some people don’t know what they are selling and getting these poodles is like having a streak pf really good luck.

    They go for a hefty price on Ebay.Let’s put it this way, they are not always cheap….