I Love You This Much! (2 Inches Worth)

Submitted by Nessa November 13th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Berries Co. from 1970, I Love You This Much! A whole 2″ or so worth, because that’s how wide her little arms are. Also, she’s wearing fishnet stockings which is kind of creepy.

It’s all about the eyes with this one… The EYES…

I like the detail on this one, sometimes they look like they’re wearing a burlap bag.

4 Responses to “I Love You This Much! (2 Inches Worth)”

  1. Allee Willis

    EXCELLENT photos!

    The fishnet stockings kill me!

    The back of her hair is also making me swoon.

    I love that she’s so tiny. Most of the Berries were at least twice as big. But then she’s got twice the lovin.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Sometimes I feel like I’m not supposed to be posting things here, because I’m so illiterate when it comes to the history of these types of items.

    I had a girl friend in high school give me one of these, but probably bigger.

    It kinda scared me a little at the time.

    Her Mom had a dish in the bathroom that said “Toofers.” I had no idea what that meant.


    • Allee Willis

      These totally scared me too at the time though I absolutely learned to respect them after I saw my friend, C.J. Arabia’s, collection of them about 15 years ago. But I remember seeing them in gift shops when I was in school and being tempted to buy them as birthday cards but inevitably made my own so sunk nothing into Berries, Paula’s or American Greetings.