3-D Paint-By-Number Painting

Submitted by Michael Ely November 20th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner
This is in part my own work of kitsch. For years I had this old roses-in-a-vase paint-by-number painting. On the back it reads – ‘Happy Mother’s Day 1967.’ It was okay, but sort of an ordinary and drab paint-by-number, and it just needed something more. Then one day, I was in a Mexican import store and I came across some pink paper roses and the idea came to me. I cut and glued the paper roses onto the painting itself and it immediately came to 3-D life! I hung the painting high above a window valance / shelf, and every now and then a guest will look up at it and say – “Wow, it almost looks like those roses are growing directly out of that painting!” They are.

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