Denny’s Adventures in Allee Willis’ “Willis Wonderland” (PART 63 – August 2010)

Submitted by denny November 21st, 2010
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Sorry for the glare here but this “Tanya Madare School Of Charm” programe is protected by a clear plastic cover! I would protect it too as this is so fabulous and it was really hard to pick out just a few pages to post. The hair and fashions here are outstanding. Who knew all of this was going on in the year I was born. This is from my hometown of Philly.

Miss Ballentine Beer 1965.

This is Miss Toni Ward modeling the latest in leopard fashions.

And the winner is Miss Maxine Boyer. We also have Miss Brenda Miller holding on tightly to a tigers tail?

This was my favorite page out of this programme. I had no idea we had wig hospitals in Philly.

Feast your eyes on these fabulous ads!

10 Responses to “Denny’s Adventures in Allee Willis’ “Willis Wonderland” (PART 63 – August 2010)”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have a massive collection of these old African-American magazines and booklets. The ads in the back always kill me, especially the hand drawn ones like the Bowl-A-Way Lanes. I love this book especially as the Esso service station sponsored some kind of modeling contest and the photos of the winners with the unbelievably cheap sets are scattered throughout the magazine. It really is one of my favorite ones I have in this genre.

  2. paul

    Greetings Allee and Denny…I am a very big fan of Tanya Madare and her school..She happens to be my mother so I have some other magazines from that era…I’m glad you guys like her wotk..By the way Allee..I am a very big fan of you as well and I love the work you did with Earth Wind and Fire….

    • denny

      Paul! This is what I really love about collecting kitsch! I myself am originally from Philly but now live on Cape Cod. Is your Mom still with us and is that her on the cover? We are thrilled here at awmok to hear form you. Please, if you can, post more as we would love to know more about you and your amazing Mom! What is the history and story of Mom’s charm school? Where at in Philly did you grow up. I wasn’t expecting to hear form you, so of course we have tons of questions indeed!

      All I can say is WOW Paul. I hope if you have any photos of Mom from this era that you will feel free to post them. See you here at the kitschenette!

    • Allee Willis

      I’m elated that you left a comment here, Paul. I have loved and cherished my Tanya Madare School Of Charm since I found it on eBay around 10 years ago. I literally spent hours looking through it when I first got it. The way the girls are used in the ads as well as the ads themselves kill me.

      I would love to know all the answers to all questions Denny asked. Would love to know if your mom is still around and how long she ran her charm school. And, needless to say, would love to know if you have other programs of hers.

      Would love to see some of your other favorite magazines from that era. I’ve been collecting them for decades but imagine that you might have things that I’ve never even seen.

      Speaking of my work with Earth wind & Fire I just sang September last night with Larry Dunn, one of the original founding members of the group and who played on that record and every other of the most massive EWF hits, at my 1st live performance since 1974.

  3. paul

    Greeting Allee and Dennis…Sorry it’s taken this long to get back you..Sad to say that my Mother passed away in 1986 one week before her 53rd birthday..The model on the cover is woman named Patricia Evans..will it was “Evans” the lasr time I saw her but I believe she is married and living in Virginia. Pat was an amazing model , she win numerous contest and was the first African-American model to grace the cover of “Seventeen Magazine”..That was in the early to mid 1960s..Pat also was also featured in “Ebony” magazine..I believe I still have that issue somewhere , I’ll have to look on the basement to see if I can locate it…My Mother started her “agency’ around 1960 , she ran it until 1972 after my brother was born…I will try find some other publications this week..Wow , I had no idea this stuff was on Ebay…!!!

    • Allee Willis

      Great to hear from you! So sorry to hear that your mom has passed. She certainly made me happy with what she published. Also fantastic to learn about Pat. Is she still around and are you in touch with her? Still would love to see some of the publications in your collection so please post whenever convenient. Do you still collect things like this?

      • paul

        We still have some stuff saved from those years..I’ll have to check with my father and see what else I can find..I have’nt talked to Pat since the late 80s but she was doing well at that time.. I will try to post some info as soon as I find it..To know that you guys love my Mother’s work gives me great joy…By the way..Tanya Madare was her “stage name” her real name was Dolores and after a few years I rarely heard anybody call her Dolores expect for close family , even the neighbors were calling her Tanya…

  4. denny

    Paul, wow, thank you so much for the update. Your mom has made me happy too with her work in this magazine.

    As a little one, did you ever attend any of the photo shoots?

    I just have to ask this, did you ever visit the wig hospital?

    Thank you Paul for sharing such wonderful stories.

    • paul

      Hey Denny….I went to one or two photos shoots but as a young boy I wanted to play ball with the rest of the guys so I wasn’t that interested in the photo shoots..I didn’t know there was a “wig hospital” but there were always wigs , make-up , mail polish , hair spray , and clothes everywhere..I must have gone to 10 fashion shows and to this day I will never set foot in another ine..:)…The one thing I do remember well was how some of rthe young girls transformed into classy women…That was amazing to witness…