Pee Wee…his rise, his fall, and rise again

Submitted by MyFunCloset November 22nd, 2010
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I could have snapped a dozen more pictures off the TV this afternoon. The most wonderful and professional documentary of Pee Wee Herman. His rise to stardom, his fall from grace, and his rise again to standing ovations on Broadway this week. When a person has talent, charm and wit, how can you miss? I hope to see it again, from start to finish.

The final photo is the team behind the scenes at Pee Wee’s Playhouse, shot in a Manhattan warehouse as told.

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    • Darren

      Hi Allee, I have that picture disc! It was a fun song, loved the samples. When I found it in a record store in Dallas, I thought I’d found a pot of gold – I never even knew such an item existed, and how I had one! Such a great memory from back in the day (you know, when malls had stores that sold vinyl records).

      I always wondered why it was never part of the movie, and how it even came to exist. Can you share any of the backstory?

      • Allee Willis

        It was written as the title song for the movie by me and Don Freeman after Paul asked me to do it. But Danny Elfman insisted that no one else’s songs go in the movie (other than Tequila) and that was the end of that. It was a total drag because I worked my ass off for months. We even did a video for it which no one has ever seen. The song was definitely ahead of its time with its use of sampling. Really not a very happy memory for me or anyone else attached because we all loved this song so. I’m very happy to know you have the picture disc though!

        • Darren

          I can see where that wouldn’t be the best of memories. Thanks for the background. Now, honestly, I think I saw a video for the song one of the times when Weird Al took over MTV for AL TV. Maybe I am nuts, but that seems right.

  1. BeeJay

    “Pee-wee´s real adversary is the ticking of his biological clock”

    Ya – now he´s 58, remains as funny and luscious as ever and I love it!