50’s Cootie…but what were the rules?

Submitted by MyFunCloset November 23rd, 2010
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This is the box from the 50’s. This old house was a museum of “baby boomer toys”. I know I played with this as a kid, but can’t remember what we did to add body parts.

4 Responses to “50’s Cootie…but what were the rules?”

  1. denny

    This makes me absolutely nuts!

    I had this but never played it. I preferred to play with the cooties and arrange all the bugs on my shelf in my room.

  2. hannahrowan

    There never was an instruction booklet; the directions are under the lid.
    The directions are:
    This game can be played by 2 to 4 players. Each player has to complete a Cootie. Each player rolls the die and the one with the highest roll goes first. The player must roll a 1 for the body and a 2 for the head, in that order. After the body and head are attached, the rest of the body parts can be assembled in any order. A 3 rolled on the die represents the antennae or feeler, of which two must be had. A 4 has to be rolled for the eye and you also need to roll 2 fours. A 5 must be rolled for the proboscis ( the mouth) and number 6 is the legs, of which 6 must be procured. As each player adds an eligible part to his Cootie, he gets a free roll to try and add another part. The die than passes to the next player. My sisters and I spenthours playing Cootie when we were kids. I just came across a complete game at an auction in a box lot of games and laughed out loud with joy when I saw there was a Cootie game in the box.