Universal Statuary Asian Man and Woman

Submitted by Dennis November 26th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I found this couple at Goodwill.. they are marked Universal Chicago 1962 on the back. they have been repaired at some point but look great over all. Now is he holding his hat strap or talking on a 1980’s era cell phone?

5 Responses to “Universal Statuary Asian Man and Woman”

  1. Allee Willis

    So great that you found the pair and that they’re in such incredible condition. I haven’t seen any like this in this color before. Very excellent kitschy combo of pearlized green and gold. The detail is so great.

    Do you collect other things like this?

    • Dennis

      I was lucky when I found that at Goodwill for $6.00 for the pair. I saw the same ones on Etsy.com in red for $65.00 each. I buy things I like and can afford. most of the time I buy vintage bar ware.. I have a thing for cocktail classes. but if something stricks my fancy I buy it!

      • denny

        I have the same buying habits as you! I look for affordable things and most of the time I find some good stuff at the “Goodwill” and “Salvation Army”.

        These look like they are in pretty good shape!