Variation on the Zenith Space Commander 400

Submitted by StoryTroy November 26th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

More plastic and brass machismo here in the form of the strangest variation on Zenith’s Space Commander line that I’ve seen yet. Almost a perfect square, this Zenith Space Commander 400 differs from its brothers and sisters (even the other 400) with unusual tab-like buttons to be depressed to yield that satisfying “ker-chink.” Yep, the guts are same as the others… four rods that each ring out their tv-bossin’ call, but this chunky thing is a radical departure from the body designs seen before.

And now, please enjoy this 400 nestled in the manliest tableau I could arrange on such short notice:

7 Responses to “Variation on the Zenith Space Commander 400”

  1. StoryTroy

    Hamilton’s book opens… OPENS… with fifteen pages about his turn on Dancing With the Stars. Very proud to have been a favorite experience for one of the Kitschiest men alive, story producing his weekly rehearsal packages during his run on the show. George was up for anything so long as was understood that he’s in on the joke, the ultimate collision of class and camp that renders him so hopelessly charming.

    As for the autographed King pic, well… that’s its own story. I was a habitual entrant into the Friars’ Club joke contests online back when King decided the victors each month. Never once won, placed, or showed. The pic was given to me as a gag gift from a friend who found it funny that I was so hell-bent on winning the darn thing. Nowadays, I just enter and fail each week in the New Yorker Caption Contest.

    • Allee Willis

      What I have to make clear here is that you were the story editor on Dancing with the Stars when George Hamilton was on, right? The thought of being able to piece together any part of George Hamilton story is too much for this kitsch lover to even think about!

      I love that you enter joke and caption contests. That context makes seeing all your remotes even more exciting.

      Post George and Alan please!

    • k2dtw

      What??…really…I LOVE all of this…
      I’m a huge fan of DWTS, Season 11 was upsetting on so many levels. But, Jennifer won so I’m better now, thanks for asking…smile.