VHS Home Video Recorder Collection Guy

Submitted by Nessa December 7th, 2010
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

I thought everyone might enjoy seeing this fellow’s video about his extensive VHS Tape Recorder collection. Please note the unintelligible description under the video. This guy’s videos make for some entertaining if baffling viewing. My friend found this guy’s YouTube. I don’t know how, but figured it was perfect for sharing! =D


9 Responses to “VHS Home Video Recorder Collection Guy”

  1. Allee Willis

    Well, I certainly understand the close to 800,000 views he’s racked up with his brilliant written description, matching commentary, collage shots and hairdo. “If you likes my collection show me you intresting hobby, own videos and show in the hole world when factory models is stupid drop off carbitch when maschine still running life.”

    How did he get the shadow to follow his head?

    Music score is fantastic. Haircut is world class. Him against the huge boxes is inspired.

    Wish we knew if this was real or not., It’s too perfect kitsch for him to have just stumbled on it. But, then again, people are nuts.

    Who on earth would have that many vid boxes (besides Story Troy)?

    • Nessa

      Oh wow, Classique de Camembert! Awesome. If you look at the rest of his videos… I think it’s for real. Definitely watch a few of his other works. I think “Cofe Time for in talk English” is my favorite. =)

  2. StoryTroy

    Holy fried salami sandwiches, that’s a collection. VCRs are hard to love, as they’re in that wild limbo space where 80’s and 90’s design got clunky and square and not so dreamy… which is why I have so few remotes in my collection made after 1980.

    Nonetheless, to put a twist on the old adage “there’s somebody for everybody,” there’s clearly someone out there to love you even if you’re a busted old VCR with a million miles on your heads. I still have two of them, but this fellow’s enthusiasm for them far exceeds my own.

    Nonetheless, curiously and camembert-tangentially, I do have a small, weird history involving VCRs as the illustrator of one of the bestselling VCR repair guide books of all time, 1989’s HOW TO KEEP YOUR VCR ALIVE.