Santa Claus Is Coming (came) To Town…

Submitted by k2dtw December 13th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner
Santa Clause Pitcher. This kitschy little Santa pitcher is 5-1/2″ and is great for the holidays. If this Santa pitcher was in NY on Saturday, it would have been filled w/Eggnog or Beer…
Thousands of Santas arrived in New York on Saturday for Santacon!!
We were lucky enough to be there, it’s a great time to be in NY. It was a big surprise to us, and so funny to see 5 Santas in line for the men’s room at Starbucks. In a 2 block radius we were greeted by at least 25 Santas, all wishing us a Merry Christmas!!…you couldn’t help but be of good cheer….smile

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  1. k2dtw

    Thanks, just found the pitcher.
    I don’t think it’s been going on for many years? What we could find out, they have to wear a Santa Suit, and bring food bank items to donate. The meeting location is announced, web now twitter…and it’s a Santa Convention! They were having so much fun, lots of drinking and eating.. It was a great Santa street party, all over the city!!..
    Found this on Google…