A Kitschmas Greeting

Submitted by windupkitty December 15th, 2010
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ON my very first trip to Dollar Deal, I found a whole stack of cards; there are 6 themes total. Any part that has glitter is actually a cut-out of the picture already printed on the card and then glued on top of the card itself (there must have been some sort of assembly line). When you open it up, you get a special light show and soundtrack surprise! The inside bears the same picture as the cover: I guess you have to write your greeting wherever you can find space.

I’ll start with this card, as clearly the baby Jesus is saying “Listen up, my brothers, I HAVE arrived! Let’s get this party started!” Clearly it’s a wallpaper and decoupage party…..The ” Merry Christmas ” is glued on…..

Next, we have an adult Jesus offering up a selection of angels to a guy in a fly wizard’s cape. I wonder how many angels you get for a blue medicine ball? Again, the “Merry Christmas” is glued on

Here’s what the inside looks like…….Yes, it lights up and plays a special song…..Don’t worry, you’ll hear it….There will be plenty of time to worry after that….

Card #3…Lots of glitter and glue going on here. Somehow, neither Mary nor Joseph appear to actually be looking at their kid…Raising a kid isn’t easy…they look pretty beat…..

My favorite part about this one is the floating heads at the top…I think they are supposed to be angels, but I don’t have proof…It IS pretty cool that the little girl in the purple dress is offering up a downy baby chicken…..

Everyone looks peaceful enough here, if not a bit maudlin. If ya ask me, Jesus looks a bit like he misses Elvis….”Sigh..That GUY, heh, heh, sheesh, those were good times..”

This one’s my favorite. Apparently there were cartoons in the manger…..I KNEW it!

The best thing about these though, is the way the light and sound system is rigged….There’s nothing like getting a Christmas card that has to be deactivated by a robot be fore you can read it……

Here’s the sound. Get ready to have your mind blown…..ALL the cards play this special tune, though they each have their own interpretation….

6 Responses to “A Kitschmas Greeting”

  1. Allee Willis

    Without question, you make the best Dollar Store finds of anyone on the planet.

    Usually cards that play music really annoy me (unless they’re cards with my own songs in which case I love them played on the crappy 8-bit computerized sounds used to make the music). In this case, I think they’re playing Jingle Bells but they either didn’t have a big enough budget to afford all the notes or the player was on acid while performing. Then again, perhaps the extra percussion added by the cat’s breathing – my favorite!! – covered up the missing notes. Add the little Merry Christmas stickers stuck on the front and whatever else kind of crafts making was going on with these and the complete collection is a winner all the way around.

    Were they $1 each or did they come in a six pack for $1? A tremendous bargain for such a full buffet of cheese one way or the other!

  2. k2dtw

    O.M.G. ..THIS IS THE BEST!!!… So funny.. How can they be so???…so??…Help!!!..
    Each card.. Do you think they would try to sell them as “Easter” cards if they didn’t have the “Merry Christmas” sticker??
    OMG..The light is fab..and the music?…I think in the beginning my computer made that sound during the internet dial-up? It didn’t seem to phase Casper?? (what a guy).. if you had a dog, wonder if they would be howling???….smile

  3. windupkitty

    yeah, these were a find…i was excited! they were a dollar each…each one was wrapped in plastic and the music medley is so bad in all of them…it’s just baffling…nothing really phases the cat sitting next to the card in the video,but my another ancient mean old cat i have came over and started complaining…i didn’t get it on tape :D

    ya know, these could be easter cards too! i never thought of that…I always expect east to have bunnies with large basket of eggs?!? (which, um, they hide!?!)…The easter bunny legend is my favorite…i don’t know what the origin is, and I don’t want to know…..