9 Responses to “Dom Lighter, err is this too adult?”

  1. Allee Willis

    What on earth is she holding behind her back?! A little too close to a certain orifice for that amount of brown mush to be squeezing out…

    I know you got it at a thrift shop so don’t know the artist but did they mold it on top of an old existing lighter?

    Hope her breasts don’t catch on fire when you light her up!

  2. pamela

    Yes it is molded. Some kind of soft plastic that hardens.

    She is holding a Black Handled Brown Leather Whip! HA!

    Seems all is safe when lighting but since I don’t smoke there’s no need to fire her up. I have not tried to take the lighter out to see if there is a signature, the type of lighter or whatever else I could find. I will do that soon. hmmmm. My involvement with your sight has become inspirational!