Traditional Yule Log

Submitted by Douglas Wood December 21st, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

The above is not a Photoshopped pic– the giant elf taking a dump in the middle of a bustling shopping mall is the real deal. This is the Maremagnum mall in Barcelona, Spain and the whimsical defecator is called a Caganer which means “pooper” in Catalan. Apparently these types of figures are typically placed in nativity scenes for Christmas. The tradition’s precise origin is not known, but it dates back several centuries. Today, you can buy poopers in all personalities and configurations, from politicians, sports figures, cartoon characters and celebrities. And all these years we thought fruit cakes were the crappiest presents you could get.

14 Responses to “Traditional Yule Log”

  1. Michael Ely

    I love these!!!! There is a company (family run) in Spain that sell small versions of these to be placed behind your nativity scene. The point is that life happens and one could be pooping when the messiah comes. They have a Statue of Liberty one (green poop), Hello Kitty (pink poop), Homer Simpson (yellow poop) and one of Hillary and Obama. To see some of them, check out this video –

  2. k2dtw

    OMG…I’ve never seen these???.. Looking at how happy all the little holiday shoppers are???..
    Well I never been to Spain… But I kinda like the music…smile

  3. Mark Milligan

    still looking for the poor guy’s t.p.

    How great is this-check it out-where else could you see this:

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    • Douglas Wood

      k2dtw– Thanks for this link– the video’s great! If I were to buy just one I think it would have to be the Queen of England– it’s just so WRONG. I also like the fact that they made Hello Kitty’s waste pink so as to not to clash with her outfit. Funny, but I didn’t see any George Bush caganers– maybe because it would be redundant? (He’s already shit all over our country.)