6 Responses to “My aluminum retro Christmas tree for my Hollywood Hills abode”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love your use of white feathers as snow!!

    I’ll always vote for aluminum over actual fauna.

    Yes, absolutely give us some color wheel photos of your gorgeous shimmery, feathery tree.

    I hope you have a merry and feathery Christmas!

    • Michael M.

      The rotating color wheel is so cool. It still works perfectly. I got it the same day I purchased the tree from the original owner. It’s a 7′ Tinsel tree with the pom-pom ends (as you can see). All the branches were still in the original paper sleeves. Want to help me decorate it next year with color? I’m thinking of using only orange (without featheres though.)

      • Michael M.

        Thanks for the certifikitsch! I designed my entire house with a poured terrazzo floor, which is mixed with resin to keep it from being cold. I added some rocks and sparkles into the mix. That is not molding. I had the floor curved up the walls 8″…not only for looks, but for corner-free, easy maintenance. It’s bordered with steel to match the linear zinc lines in the floor. Every day is Christmas in my home. You’ll come visit.