2 Responses to “Scary Plastic Christmas Decorations”

  1. Allee Willis

    Why on earth would they put Christmas ornaments in the dump? Don’t people scoop these up every year?

    There are couple great ones in here. The pixie girl and that Jiminy Cricket looking thing in the first photo, that completely bizarre glass bottle looking babe and Topo Gigio in the second photo, that blue felt thing with the giant head in the third and fourth, and maybe the mouse in the green suit carrying the picket sign in the fourth one. And what’s that thing poking out between the little girl’s legs in the last couple photo?!

  2. denny

    Each dump has these HUGE locked storage containers where they keep “dump store” stuff in bulk, like holiday goods. You wouldn’t believe the christmas and holiday stuff that you can get at the dump.

    The skinny elf girl is my favorite and the little girl with that thing poking out of her legs is riding a horse.

    Ahhhhh the dump.