5 Responses to “The Singing Binion Family “I Hold A Clear Title” – LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    First of all, Binion is way too close to Bunion.

    Second of all, that landscape view of the Bunions I mean Binions is way too far away. Unless they’re so proud of their landscaping and bricklaying skills and felt that that those were far more important to show off that their fantastic polyester fashions and hairsprayed-to-death follicles.

    Third, what’s the clear title? As a songwriter I’m always looking for it.

    and then there’s the mztter of those suits…

  2. denny

    I hate that the photographer pulled back form such polyester heaven.

    One thing that I love is that I can see the parts in their hair pretty clearly.

  3. BRBill

    I like the wrought iron fence and post and the house. Either they borrowed the house/courtyard for the album cover shoot or they made a pile o cash in the music biz.

  4. asperger dude

    A few years late for input but I spotted this album on eBay, which lead me to the search engine for more info and eventually to this page. The photo was taken in McKinney TX; you can see the view on google map, 300 North Church Street. It is the Heard House which is a preserved Historical Site that offers over priced tours of the house.