2 Responses to “The Incomparable Jan Terri”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow, how did I miss Jan Terri????? Although there’s something about her that’s so familiar. But I can’t believe i would have ever forgotten a performance of this stature. Staggering in every way, shape and form. So flat, stupid story, great wardrobe, especially pants, GREAT JAN!!

    Oh yeah, that’s really her boyfriend…

  2. windupkitty

    Yeah, Jan Terri is pretty high up there in the kitsch scale….she’s admired by many and for a good reason…The thing is, every bit I’ve ever read about her seems to communicate that she’s pretty cool and has a good sense of humor, so I’ve always figured she must look back on this and at least get a lugh…Who knows? I hope so! I just love her though, and well, anyone that goes to the trouble to do anything artistic that seems right to them, is always a-ok in my book!

    Also, her boyfriend is clearly a stone cold fox! I love how they look like they’re saying hello to someone at 2:03, but it turns out they’re just pointing to the motorcycle….Could use a couple mime classes maybe?