Submitted by k2dtw January 5th, 2011
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This was a fun day… when we looked inside a box at a local estate sale of a sweet elderly couple, and found old hotel towels??? Even better when we discovered that this family had probably kept every towel from every hotel/motel they had ever stayed..whoops We were cracking up…
Sorry, there was no towel from the Carlyle Hotel in Miami South Beach…but I bet there is one out there…smile.
My favorite is the towel from Grossinger’s, the famous Catskill Mountain Resort in Liberty, NY.
Google has lots of info now connecting Grossinger’s and Dirty Dancing…


  1. Allee Willis

    These are superb. Absolutely the right hotels for those times. What and incredible collection!

    Are these all of the towels or are any washcloths? Are they all relatively the same size? This collection is exactly why hotels don’t put their names on towels anymore – so the towels stay in the hotel.

    I stayed at the Hotel Taft in New York with my parents when I was around 12. And Grossingerss was about as legendary in the Jewish community as it gets. It was immortalized years later in Dirty Dancing but I knew about it from the moment I was born though I never got to go there.

  2. k2dtw

    WOW!!…THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!.. ..It’s just a towel collection, and a few bath mats…
    We love these crazy towels…we were laughing all the way home.. it still make me smile when I look at them..
    We have a friend who was a busboy at Grossinger’s one summer for only 2 weeks…sigh.. Wish he had lasted longer, just for the stories!!!..