Morey Amsterdam’s Cookbook for Drinkers or…..

Submitted by lindaz January 6th, 2011
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Anybody who was a fan of The Dick Van Dyke Show, will remember Morey Amsterdam. I believe Morey’s neice had Morey autograph a copy of his fun book to me. Each recipe, made with “booze,” is accompanied by an appropriate Morey joke. The book was published in 1977.

My coincidence that I just copied two recipes both with condensed soups!

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  1. Allee Willis

    Fantastic that it’s Morey Amsterdam. Fantastic that it’s autographed and it’s to you. Fantastic that the first recipe you show is by co-star Rosemarie (who I bumped into at a Marilyn Monroe exhibition a few months back – literally, I tripped over her wheelchair) and that another Rosemarie, Mrs. Danny Thomas, got in on the action too.

    Are all the recipes by celebrities (or relatives of celebrities)? I love that Morie found a way to do his jokes by getting people to submit recipes. It’s actually a brilliant idea.

    So funny that they all involve liquor of some sort. Excellent cookbook!

    • lindaz

      The book title comes from an old joke he used to do that he talks about in the intro. He says that in his routine “on being an author,”he named his book “The Betty Cooker’s Crock Book” as one of his “literary efforts” and it always got a big laugh…. So then he started to collect recipes from friends, etc. and the book evolved. Most of the recipes aren’t attributed to anyone famous, but he does have one suggested by Earl “Mad Man” Muntz called Drumsticks and Spaghetti and Mel Torme tomatoes. Most of the recipes look pretty good to me (lots of canned soup and other canned stuff from that time) and are very simple to make.

      He’s also got one Diana Trask’s Trifles.

      • Allee Willis

        You should post the best recipe and whoever reads it should try and make it, photograph their creation, enhanced by their own special touches, and we’ll have a Morey Amsterdam bake-off.

        • lindaz

          What a great idea. I’ll go through the book and see what really looks good… Maybe I’ll even make something from it. There are the Polish Asparagus made me canned asparagus… No, no no.

            • Allee Willis

              I used to always do stuff like this at my parties so i’ve had cooking contests planned forever. Seems about time to get new activities starting here at AWMOK anyway. And you know my stuff always involves arts and crafts and collecting, not just plain cooking. A friend of mine did something with The Frank and Barbara Sinatra cookbook at a party once that I always wanted to spin off of. Morey Amsterday seems like he might provide some excellent fodder as well.

              Speaking of recipes, I’m going to be releasing a 20 min. film of Charles Phoenix and I making his Cherpumple cake VERY SOON. Charles was just on Conan a couple of weeks ago. And was on the front page of The Wall St. Journal a couple months ago with it. I’m pretty sure you know it but if not it’s in my birthday post about my birthday presents. (i’m on my ipad and getting the web adress and pasting it in is too much of a total pain in the butt).