9 Responses to “Official BEER OF THE CLAM – mens tie”

  1. denny

    Anything decorated with a ships wheel makes me nervous as I once had one in my living room (a big coffee table) and I just thought it was the ugliest thing ever.

    I think this is a restaurant somewhere but not sure where.

  2. windupkitty

    wow, the thought of it freaks me out, but the slogan makes my day.i wonder if “official beer of the clam” was used by anyone else for marketing purposes?!??!:D

    • Allee Willis

      I don’t have a clip of that so thanks for that link! I always thought the sound mix was horrendous as Boogie Wonderland sounds so much clearer than the ambient sound in the club so it doesn’t really sound like it’s coming from the room but, rather, that it was just mixed into the soundtrack. Which, of course, is exactly what happened.