Barbie Wallet

Submitted by Nessa January 8th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Cool Barbie wallet from circa-1962-ish.. featuring Barbie’s outfit, “Masquerade”. Made by Standard Plastic Products, a company that produced a lot of vinyl stuff licensed with Barbie’s name (along with Ponytail.)

Sorry I didn’t unfold it for the photo, it’s a wee bit fragile. I got it at a tag sale a long time ago for a ridiculous price. It does have some cracks to the vinyl.

Inside it’s lovely, with a comb and nail file, zip-pouch, a coin slot, some vinyl picture-holder thing(?) and an ID slot..

Better look at the coin-holder thing.

4 Responses to “Barbie Wallet”

  1. Allee Willis

    GORGEOUS!! I’m not even a big Barbie fan and I would kill for this one. The colors are outrageous. But who is that on the front of the wallet? I’ve never seen Barbie with short red hair. How long did those follicles grace her head?

    Her outfit is killing me. And I love that her body continues on the back of the wallet.

    I have to say that one of the things that excited me more than anything else as a kid was opening up a plastic or leatherette wallet and seeing that there were slots for an emery board and comb. Almost all of my wallets as a kid had those areas and I took great care to always insert everything back in its proper place. And what really sent me over the moon were the plastic money keepers. The only thing missing from this wallet is the little plastic fold-out holders for photos.

    I’m loving your wallets. I have a collection of old wallets and this is two times this week alone that I’ve been very jealous of yours!

    • Nessa

      Thanks Allee! I was pretty excited to find this one. It’s Barbie, alright. At the time every model of doll was sold with a multitude of hair colors, including redhead, which Mattel called “Titian,” after the red color often used by the artist of the same name. Titian dolls are my favorite though they are significantly harder to find than the blondes.