My Hat Collection Part 1

Submitted by windupkitty January 10th, 2011
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I truly love hats and used to wear them all the time. These days, I’ve really no place to wear them so they sit, stacked in hat boxes, stored with acid free tissue paper and frequently changed desiccants. I’ve been collecting hats since childhood and in high school, I began seeking out vintage everything. These might not be worth much, but they are my treasures :)

Probably most of us here have had one of these at some point. This classic red felt cowboy hat with white ribbon stitching is still my favorite. I WISH it still fit! I wore this constantly when I was kid….especially when I rode my wooden rocking horse!

Scene: Disney land, circa 1980, desperate, agonized plea entered for the purchase of this hat. Who needed mouse ears when this extremely fancy, glamorous, high class “victorian bustle hat” was being sold on Main Street?! I remember my folks being at great pains about this. This hat was not cheap, especially for my parents, but it was special day and as promised, I took very good care of it. I’m pretty sure my grandmother got a matching one in purple. Yes, I wore this. Everywhere. A Lot. The pink ribbon which holds it in place was replaced several times, that’s why it doesn’t match!

This is a hat I purchased in my late teens, but as it was made for a younger girl, I’ll post it with my childhood hats. I love this hat and it’s really well made. The brim actually folds under and makes it extra sturdy,and it gives the brim a nice shape…

Wow, If I only do 3 hats per post, there are many more posts to come! Hope it doesn’t wear thin!!!!

4 Responses to “My Hat Collection Part 1”

  1. Allee Willis

    The little red cowboy hat with a hint of mariachi is adorable!

    I can imagine you being SO excited to wear the “Victorian bustle hat” as a kid. I still love to see satin roses like that sitting on top of hats. And that massive smush of pink mesh is really wild. Is that permanently attached to the hat?

    The third hat looks like a classic little girls fancy hat.

    How many hats do you think you have in total? Three is a perfect number to do per post. I want to see all, of course!

  2. windupkitty

    hmmm…I probably only have about 30-40 vintage hats by now…some are in the garage, so i’d have to dig them out…I do own a lot more modern hats for keeping warm…I love berets etc…I also have a whole arsenal of hand knitted hats that Mrs Wotan (of the AWMOK) made me while I was sick…They’re my favorites and I wouldn’t trade those for anything cause she made them(some even look like fruit and vegetables!)!

    Yeah, the tulle bustle is permanently stapled to the back of the hat! It’s been re-stapled many times, I can assure you….yeah, i still look at it and kinda want to wear it!

  3. k2dtw

    What a wonderful post.. So sweet..I loved my cowgirl hat too. I’ve never seen the hat from Disneyland??.. The straw that is in the hat with the pink velvet ribbon is stunning..

    • windupkitty

      Thanks! Yeah, those hats were sold on Main Street near the front entrance of the park. The women they had working in the shop were dressed in victorian gowns etc…I was entranced! I’d never seen anyone so glamorous and beautiful!

      That straw hat was made in the early 60s (my guess according to the label). It’s so beautifully made and of such high quality; it’s practically brand new! Ths straw is so nice, it’s almost shiny!