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Learning to Knit (1974)

Submitted by Pop January 20th, 2011
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Learned to knit when i was a high school exchange student in italy (1974).  this is the first thing that came out.

6 Responses to “Learning to Knit (1974)”

    • Pop

      Yes, still have it; these are recent pictures. Haven’t worn it in about 25 years. Every few years, I’m bitten by a fiber bug. This year it morphed into knitting/crocheting/felting experiments with yak. So far, the results aren’t exactly kitschenette appropriate (undyed & monotone!).

  1. Lisa Rios

    HUH!?!? What!?! That’s your first finished knitting project? That’s absolutely insane. As a knitter I’d like to point out that while that sweater may not be everyone’s taste, that’s like the trigonometry of sweaters! I’m gasping for air. The fact that it’s knit in the round, sliced open and then a zipper sewn in. Not to mention the intarsia knitting and WOW!! Crazy, just crazy. A normal 1st knitting project is a washcloth or a garter stitch scarf! I’d wear that thing today.

  2. windupkitty

    I can not believe that was your first try!!!!!! That’s insane!!!!! You have a gift! A true gift! HOly crap! YOu should wear it!! I’d wear that everyday, not to mention tell everyone I meet that I MADE it!!! Wow!!! It’s incredible!!! Wow,wow,wow!!!!!!!

  3. Nessa

    That is incredible for a first project, I can’t believe it. I’ve barely shuffled through my first pair of leg warmers, I like knitting.. but I’m terrible at it.