Record Coasters For Allee

Submitted by Mod Betty January 20th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

My pal Anna had a set of these record coasters on her tiki bar and I thought they were the most clever things ever, so when I saw them at a local flea I snatched up a set for the Hacienda bar. The records have the names of various alcohols  on the label part and are felt backed so they won’t scratch your mid mod coffee table.

(Seen in their natural habitat, along with a shoe shaped bottle opener, anniversary Howard Johnson’s stemware,
cocktail charm made from an old charm bracelet,
and overseeing all of the festivities Ruby Keeler and John Lowe.)

7 Responses to “Record Coasters For Allee”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love that photo composition/ natural habitat. Is that a bar or table they’re sitting on?

    I have the same record coasters but with a green cover.

    And love the little silver shoe bottle opener. I have one too. Please post! Do you have the matching high heel?

    Very jealous of the HoJo’s glasses! Love to see them here too.

      • Mod Betty

        Ah, the photo of Ruby Keeler is somewhat of a family heirloom, as my great aunt became friends with Ruby when her 2nd husband John (shown) was in the Navy in WWII at the same time my great uncle Jim was.

        This is from a set of professional 8×10 “family snapshots” that Ruby must’ve sent my great Aunt Agga, as I recall seeing others from this set in 1985 when we were cleaning out my grandmother’s house. Alas I have no idea what happened to the entire set, but the photo you see here was on display at Agga’s up until she passed in 2001, which is when I inherited the photo.

        It is proudly displayed on the bar at the Hacienda, which always has a revolving display of our vintage and kitschy bar stuff. Nice to mix in the personal with the fun!

  2. Mod Betty

    Allee- Glad you enjoyed my stuff and hope your knee is on the mend!

    I believe Anna’s records had a red cover, I thought they were the ginchiest.

    I have not seen a high heel bottle opener- ooh, something else to look out for!

    Alas I used to have a pair of the Hojos glasses, but RetroRoadhusband got clumsy with it. Ah well! I’ll try to post these things individually, I know my years in visual merchandising makes me tend to make an ensemble of everything!