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An Evening with Groucho

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell January 27th, 2011
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I have always been a fan of the Marx Brothers and watch for revivals. On PBS, I have seen both  An Evening with Groucho and Groucho:  A Life in Review.  In both cases,  Groucho is portrayed by award winning actor Frank Ferrante.  He was also nominated three times for the London’s  Lawrence Olivier Award. I wrote about the two times I saw him (Paradise, CA and Florence, OR) in my blog and the link is below.

His performance schedule is here:

There are some sample clips of his performance  and I would recommend seeing his show if he comes to an area near you.

2 Responses to “An Evening with Groucho”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m not a big one for performers recreating classic performers but I have always heard that Frank Ferrante does an incredible job. And he’s certainly a dead ringer for Groucho.

    My good friend, Bud Cort, Harold in Harold & Maude, live with Groucho in his house the last few years of his life. He’s got some incredible stories, though my memory is very foggy and I can’t recall them other than he was wild for Groucho and Groucho was wild for him. Bud is definitely a walking Groucho encyclopedia.

    • Bob Ramsdell

      Allee, Harold and Maude is at the top of my all time list of favorite movies. Cort and Ruth Gordon played off each other so well. I also enjoyed all the San Francisco background shots. I have gone to movies all my life. One of my first favorites is The Plainsman with Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur. One time my wife and I were in Carmel driving around the coast toward the San Carlos mission. We noticed this old lady working in her front yard. It was Jean Arthur and we stopped to talk to her for a few minutes. In Leonard Maltin’s movie guide, I could usually open any page and there would be a movie I had seen. In one of his annual books, I am credited with telling him the name of two movies he hadn’t listed. One was Nanook of the North, can’t remember other.

      Bob Ramsdell