My Hat Collection Part 10

Submitted by windupkitty January 30th, 2011
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Well, it’s turban time. I can not tell a lie. I’ve always loved turbans. They come in many forms and they always look so fabulous. While I may not have quite the dramatic and lovely bone structure required to pull off such hats, I have not let it stop me from wearing them…Sure, they might look better on Chandu and Jambi, but I’ve never shied away from getting laughs in any way I can…Yes, these are some of  my favorites and yes, I used to wear them. Hopefully I will again soon!

This is beautiful and in fabulous condition! I love that it mimics a fez just a bit, but maintains a chic and swinging sixties vibe…It’s all velvet and on the smaller side so it sits high on my large head. It did fit better when I was bald and I have to say it looked twice as cool (or ok, funny) then too….No hair to distract the eye! :D

This is an all time favorite. The color is so amazing and the style is just gorgeous. It’s an electric orange color and I just love it so,so much! I have worn this rarely as I’m hell bent on keeping it perfect and velvet is so sensitive. OK, and the truth is, the outfit I like to wear with it doesn’t fit anymore :) Maybe someday…sigh…..

Johnny Carson has nothing on this last hat. This also looks great on a bald head and it’s HUGE! I truly love this hat and yeah, it’s pretty hard to be sad while wearing it! It’s two colors of raspberry velvet and it’s very structured. The thing in the front is actually an enormous brooch, so it can be removed, but would you!?!

Ah yes, an honorable mention:

This hat is from the 90s, but it has a nice story so it belongs here. It fell off the back of a truck in Harlem and a friend of mine happened to see it happen…The hat was snatched up and waved in the air wildly during a half-a-block foot pursuit that ended with the truck speeding away…It was subsequently given to me as I’m the hat hoarder and it needed a bit of love…Poor old abandoned hat! You’re home now…..:)

8 Responses to “My Hat Collection Part 10”

    • windupkitty

      hahah…I thought I was done, but I do have at least one more favorite to post….Ya know, searching vintage hats on ebay can be great fun….I’ve collected some over the years that cost less than the price to ship them! It’s great for people like me who love them, but not so great if you’re trying to sell them (Learned that too!)….Yeah, the orange hat is my favorite…it’s really bright!!!!!

  1. Mark Milligan

    Regarding the Johnny Carson (The Great Karnak) Turban-you said it’s pretty hard to be sad when wearing this one. It’s pretty hard being sad just seeing your comments and passion for hats! That brooch is formidable for real!

    • windupkitty

      hahaahahahahaha good! I’m glad they make you happy! That’s the thing about the awmok, huh? On that note, just cause I”m thinking about the phrase “it’s hard to be sad when…” I used to see this car around town years ago that had a bumper sticker that said: It’s Hard to be Humble When You Own a Clumber Spaniel…..That really stuck with me, for infinite and obvious reasons…..:D