4 Responses to “Best Pink Bunny Bathroom Ever”

  1. Allee Willis

    Everything about this is exceptional but the sink is completely killing me. I’ve never seen a sink that has a portion of it extending up the wall like this one does. Unless that piece isn’t attached. But it does look caulked right into the sink. I especially love the toothbrush, glass and soap rack. Way too many flowers going on for me around the mirror though, though I do like how they echo those flower tiles.

    At first glance I thought the girl was my good friend, Pamela Des Barres, world’s most famous groupie. But her thighs are way too long.

    Love the bunny.

  2. denny

    The sink here is taking my breath away it’s that fabulous. This was a fab post!

    What kills me is the apple sitting on the ledge above the sink.