2 Responses to “A Sillisculpt “RELIEF IS JUST A SWALLOW AWAY””

  1. Allee Willis

    Ain’t that the truth?! Actually, I don’t drink. But I know there are some cure-all possibilities with the right cocktail!

    Although there’s no denying Sillisculpt’s enduring popularity, the material itself always made me picture a huge pile of spit-out Doublemint gum so I never went for these. I do think they were novel as greeting xards though although they always fely clunky for that purpose to me.

    Was this made by American Greetings?

  2. denny

    Okay, the gum comment was very funny.

    I used to get these things when I was a youngster. Now as an adult they are not some of my favorite things but I sure can appreciate the kitsch factor of them. I re-dumped this so I can’t tell you what company made this.