Just in time for that big BOWL GAME…

Submitted by Cindy Tilley-Johnson February 5th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Recipes for all those heart stopping, artery clogging , fattening Meaty Oscar Mayer Favorites!

Inspected and approved by our very own government fat heads. Nothing wrong with these meats (heads)…good for ya and the government says so!


A family tradition…

Oh so many goodies, I think…I just can’t figure out which pictures go with which recipes…

According to statistics,

Each year regardless of our age, we will, consume 66 hot dogs a year??? Are you counting your weiners?

And last but not least, DESERT!!!????

Little Weiner Shortcake!

So in conclusion…

And Thank You for accompanying me through this journey of culinary delights.

I hope you have enjoyed.

Now go make an appointment with your cardiologist during half time!

7 Responses to “Just in time for that big BOWL GAME…”

  1. Allee Willis

    Beautiful, beautiful book! Just the kind of recipes I love to enjoy on a Super Bowl Sunday or any holiday for that matter.

    Although all the photos blow me away, my most favorite thing is learning that the average American ingests an average of 66 hot dogs a year. I’m sure that I account for much of that average as hot dogs are probably my favorite meat in the world. There’s one sitting out on my kitchen counter right now.( seriously)

    Little Wieners Shortcake is so exciting I can’t stand it!

    Any cookbook published by Oscar Mayer is one that ought to be in every kitchen in the world. Happy food makes for happy people.

  2. Michael Ely

    This is the sort of book that should give a vegetarian like myself bad dreams, but I find myself strangely attracted to all of the photos. Have to agree with Allee that the wiener shortcake is all that. Also like the coleslaw in the bed of cabbage leaves surrounded by tomato wedges.

  3. denny

    The weiner casserole has me freaking out! This book is absolutely fabulous and I cannot believe the pictures. Have you tried to make anything from this book? What are the round things in the second photo?

    • Cindy Tilley-Johnson

      No, I haven’t tried any of these recipes. I not really a processed meat eater, almost vegematarian! I have come across a couple of the recipes that I have eaten variations of, such as “Hot German Potato Salad”. It contains crumbled bacon.
      As for the round things in the second picture, I’m not sure what they are. (I’m still having a hard time putting those pictures and recipes together on some!) There is a caption on the page listing some of the items, but, there is more pictured than listed.
      I would scan the booklet and post (if that is even possible to add here), but, it is about 50 pages.
      So fun to look at! Each time I find something that I might actually try, at least a variation of, I see it has a couple or so, tablespoons of bacon grease as an ingredient, and I seem to turn the page…
      So glad you guys are enjoying!
      By the way, I will be home during the Super Bowl for any last minute Oscar Mayer Snack idea requests!!!! Have Fun!

  4. Mod Betty RetroRoadmap.com

    This is great! My sister and I collect wacky old cook books and pamplets similar to this and pore over them for hours. They’re great fun to see what people tried to pass off as recipes using only their special ingredients. Making note to self to scan some of the more outrageous ones now :-)

    As far as the above photos – I’m scared to find out what that hot-dog-chowder recipe is. Yikes!

    RetroRoadhusband is a big fan of hotdogs and I eat them too, and often make one of my fave “kitsch” recipes for our Hacienda fests – I call them Drunken Weiners – and you mix a can of beer with ketchup and maybe something else (brown sugar? Getting my recipes mixed up) and use it as a sauce with hot dog chunks, keep it all warm in a vintage fondue pot.

    We always have a bunch of drunken weiners at our parties – whether I make these treats, or not! ;-)