Rainbow bread? How’s about Rainbow CAKE?

Submitted by razberries February 5th, 2011
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I saw this on Facebook today and thought of that rainbow bread you had recently!  Not my image, but thought the caption was pretty damn funny!


9 Responses to “Rainbow bread? How’s about Rainbow CAKE?”

  1. Allee Willis

    I TOTALLY want to make this! It’s way, way, way better than the Rainbow Bread I bought a couple of weeks ago. You can see stunning shots of that in these two posts of mine:


    As impressive as it is to serve someone a sandwich or toast made with Rainbow Bread, I love the vividness of the colors in this psychedelic cake even more. I guess you just dump as much food coloring as possible into cake batter and gently swirl it around so it all won’t blend together? Without question, I am soon going to tackle this experiment!

  2. Michael Ely

    Oh this cake is simply gorgeous! I remember wearing tie-dyed t-shirts that looked like this back in the late 1960’s. Remember what the doormouse said – “Feed Your Head!”

  3. Iamfluff

    My edumacated guess is that one would make separate batches of the colors and pour them in on top of each other because there seem to be entire “bodies” of certain colors. I would think that swirling food color would be more …swirly (to use the scientific term)

    I also want to make clown meat.

    Way to go Razzzie!