MITCHMELLOWS! are Kitschelicious

Submitted by stevenw February 8th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

For me, there’s always been something inherently kitschy about marshmallows. Whether  I’m around a campfire and toasting them, enjoying notes held by plastic s’mores refrigerator magnets or the mighty awesomeness of a jar of FLUFF,  marshmallows are like chewy, sugary snowflakes. No two marshmallows are alike and the stuff that they’re made of is as mysterious as the Mona Lisa’s smile:everyone thinks they know what it is, what it’s made of and what it’s about – but when it comes down to it, no one is really sure.

Imagine how I squealed with gleeful delight when I discovered that a friend from high school had taken these amazing culinary wonders to their next logical level – designer, gourmet delights. Presenting: Mitch Mellows.

Marshmallows flavored as Pretzels and Beer!, Wasabi Mustard, Covered with fun faces, or in colors that would thaw out the frozen head of Walt Disney.  AND THEY DO CATERING! It’s all found at (they even have a heart shaped box with heart shaped marshmallows for for heart attack day, I mean Valentine’s Day. How cool is this?

5 Responses to “MITCHMELLOWS! are Kitschelicious”

    • stuartf98

      Allee – my order of Mitchmallows came today…. The Beaujolais is magnificent, and fruity. The Ginger/Wasabi flavor is not as intense as I was afraid it would be, but rather mellow and exotic. And the Beer and Pretzels flavor is as if your favorite little neighborhood pub suddenly became a sweet and cuddly confection. Our pal Mitch really has developed something really quite special here….

  1. stevenw

    you really should order some – they ship fast. I spoke with Mitch today and he told me that the newest flavor may just be pancake and maple syrup. They were being experimented with while I was on the phone….HOW COOL IS THAT? I want to order them as soon as they’re available. Those are for my father, ginger wasabi are for my brother in law who loves japanese food and sweets — PERFECTION. My mom is getting striped box of red coconut…I”M AN PSYCHED for these.