Tutor in Sceince, anyone?

Submitted by DetroitKent February 9th, 2011
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miami and miami beach have many free weekly newspapers. the subject publication, which i had not seen before, is the “miami beach news”. while reading the classified, which i read because it contained only  a dozen ads , i noticed the tutor’s ad with the misspelled “sceince” …

2 Responses to “Tutor in Sceince, anyone?”

  1. Allee Willis

    This must be who tutored me in Sceince I mean Science. Outdone only by math, I uniformly did hideous in science class. I’m much more interested in such stuff now but I’m always more interested in things I’m not being tested on.

    Thank God this guy isn’t an art tutor as well. Although I’m very intrigued that there are a total of four ‘N’s’ in his ad, three of which are drawn one way and one of which, in “prep and more…” is backwards. Exactly what he did to “Sceince”.