Creepy Veggie Clown Art

Submitted by Rusty February 10th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This one is near and dear to me…sort of.

Growing up, my grandmother had this terrible clown hanging in the kitchen of her very old New England  house.  It scared the bejeebus out of me and rightly so, don’t you think?

This is just a photo of one my cousins found for me (it’s a family joke at this point). We no longer have the original. However, if anyone sees this and has one…contact me!

23 Responses to “Creepy Veggie Clown Art”

  1. Allee Willis

    Seriously drawn clowns are scary to begin with. Throw some vegetables hanging off of them into the mix and they become the stuff that nightmares are made of. I prefer my vegetable people far sillier looking:’-kitsch-o’-the-day-–-plastic-fruit-vegetable-people-and-the-most-talented-man-you’ve-ever-seen-playing-music-on-vegetables/

    Did your grandmother know that it scared all of you? Do you still eat vegetables?

  2. denny

    Okay, I like clown kitsch but incorporating veggies into the mix is kinda of scary.

    I grew up with a clown picture hanging over my bed.

  3. k2dtw

    WOW… Thinking he would be great in a kitchen??… But disturbing to look at in the morning over the Cheerios??
    Are carrots good for the eyes???….smile

  4. Kyle Dayton

    This is really creepy. Growing up in the Midwest (first in the suburbs of Chicago, then later in the ‘burbs near Detroit), I remember the man who shall remain nameless here, but spawned a reign of terror in Chicagoland. In his spare time, he hired himself out as a clown at children’s parties. Shudder.

      • Kyle Dayton

        Allee, I lived in Troy, just off of Wattles Rd. (Seventeen Mile Road?) and Rochester Road. My dad worked for Chrysler, in downtown Detroit.

        • Kyle Dayton

          Actually, I’m pretty sure that Rochester Rd. was referred to as Seventeen Mile Rd. in other towns. Sorry about my confusion. I used to screw that up even when I lived there.

        • k2dtw

          What did you think of the Chrysler ad they ran during Super Bowl?

          It was huge here, everyone was so excited. They reviewed the making/filming of the video, and how hard it was to keep it a secret. They even interviewed Mr. Christopher Roddy, the handsom greeter you see outside the Guardian Building. The local Radio and TV News had a lot of fun with the video for days… and they talked about Chrysler every day!!!…smile

          • Kyle Dayton

            I liked it very much. It showed that although Detroit may be down it definitely isn’t out. For a while after my dad passed in 2005, I couldn’t watch any Chrysler commercials without tearing up. But now I can appreciate them again, without my emotions getting the better of me.

            • k2dtw

              It is such a great company…and you know how much we love Chrysler here in Detroit. In that great post.. Allee’s “Saturday Ride with Charles Phoenix”…I was thrilled to see that Charles Phoenix has a brand new Dodge Challenger…smile.
              WOW…Eminem just won the grammy for best rap album…and he just said “What Up Detroit”…so we got that goin’ for us….smile

  5. samseptic

    That clown is actually a ripoff of artiste Cydney’s quartet of creepy clowns, which I am proud to possess. I will post them shortly. They all have black eyes and lecherous expressions.

    • Rusty Blazenhoff

      Thank you! I’m not sure if the one my grandmother had was a repro or not. The pix above is just one that is similar. So GREAT to have the actual name of the artist! Have set up a google search for that name and hope to have the quartet myself when I find a set for sale. Do you have the Fruit Salad one?!

      THANKS AGAIN! Really appreciate it.